Mobile shower

It’s hard to keep up with all the federal and state safety regulations and standards for safety showers, and it can be expensive and time consuming. The cutting-edge, problem-solving team at ATS has built revolutionary safety showers that can be easily adapted when safety rules change, saving time and money.


In the oil and gas business, work sites aren’t always stationary, but every site needs top-performing safety showers. The ShieldSafe Safety Rig is a best-in-class, compliant safety shower/eyewash that can go into remote areas and be easily and quickly moved as needed. The Safety Rig can be purchased or rented from ATS, with full maintenance services. It features patent-pending innovations and is available for purchase, or as a rental with full maintenance services.

• Dual electric/pneumatic pump capability
• Waste water containment within the trailer frame
• Shop air pump capability
• Dressing area