When are Self-Contained Emergency Showers Required or Useful?

Self-contained emergency showers have many benefits, which provide for a fully-compliant ANSI Z358.1 2014 safety shower/eyewash treatment. In environments where no potable water supply exists, there remains a challenge to ensure worker safety. Many large industrial...

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Winter is Coming…Heat it UP!

You know the risks of a construction job or any other job that requires being outdoors. As the weather turns colder in many environments, dangers surface. A safety shower and eyewash station, therefore, is imperative to ensure worker protection and ANSI Z358.1 2009...

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Don’t Dig! Why It’s Important to have a Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower

It’s a challenge to keep workers safe in an oil and gas industry environment – especially workers on rigs and at refineries. With the many dangers facing workers in such environments, having a self-contained, gravity-fed safety shower is ideal.  Many refineries are...

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What are Important Considerations Regarding Spent Fluid in Safety Shower Requirements?

Handling of or exposure to hazardous chemicals and other materials at construction sites, medical labs, or other factories and laboratories carry necessary risk. However, a safety shower/eyewash unit ensures peace of mind and ANSI Z358.1 2014 safety shower...

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What is the Importance of a Low-Level Fluid Alarm in a Self-Contained Safety Shower?

Self-contained (complete by itself) safety showers are becoming more and more popular with corrosive chemical users. Many organizations now see an increased emphasis on providing workers with effective emergency treatment for exposure to corrosive...

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Are You Fully Compliant with ANSI Z358.1-2014 Standards for Safety Shower and Eyewash Fluids?

A co-worker spills a poisonous chemical on his skin and needs immediate treatment. The corrosive starts to burn, and he has seconds to get into a safety shower. He expects the fluids to be at the required level and clean and safe. Therefore, it’s critical safety...

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Run Away from Running Pipe and Toward Self-Contained Safety Showers

The nature of power generation facilities often results in various processes being spread out over a large area. Many of these processes make use of corrosive chemicals and thus require compliant safety shower protection. Running water pipe may seem like a...

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Discover Why Steel Industrial Safety Showers Are Best for Hurricane-Strength Winds

Driving to work, you notice the skies darkening and sometime later an alarm screams that a hurricane is bearing down on your industrial site. You prepared in advance for the coming storm; however, you have an industrial safety shower on site and you worry...

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