Is Your Safety Shower Water Temperature Up to the Tepid Standard?

Cameron accidentally spills a corrosive chemical on his skin and has ten seconds to get the safety shower. He immerses himself in the safety shower for the minimum ANSI required fifteen minutes. Thankfully, the tepid safety shower water temperature allowed him to get...

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Can I Have a Plumbed Outdoor Safety Shower in Extreme Cold Environments?

  When working in extreme cold temperatures, many challenges arise. Frigid temps and changing work environments and corrosive chemicals, oh my! Yep, it’s a jungle out there. A question often asked is whether a company can plumb an outdoor safety shower in frigid...

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Solve Site Challenges with the EcoDrench™ Cubical Safety Shower

When your job site faces challenges, you may fret about problems that may arise, including no potable water or low-flow piping. (due to weather or corrosion) For worker safety and protection, you need an ANSI-compliant safety shower/eyewash station at construction...

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What are the Features of an Emergency Enclosed Shower in Cold Climates?

  Working in cold temperatures is a challenge in and of itself, however, it becomes much worse if an accident occurs and workers need an emergency shower for vital treatment.  An emergency enclosed shower, therefore, offers protection for accident victims that may...

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Does Heat Tracing take Care of the Need for Tepid Water in Safety Showers?

  With cold conditions settling in for the season, it's vital you're prepared to protect your workers. The last thing an accident victim needs to worry about is whether a safety shower will operate correctly. To resolve this problem, some companies think heat tracing...

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When are Self-Contained Emergency Showers Required or Useful?

Self-contained emergency showers have many benefits, which provide for fully-compliant ANSI Z358.1 2014 safety shower/eyewash treatment. In environments where no potable water supply exists, there remains a challenge to ensure worker safety. Many large industrial...

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What are Considered Obstructions in a Safety Shower Location?

When a worker spills a chemical on their skin or eyes, adrenaline begins shooting through their system. They usually start to panic trying to get to the safety shower and may not see obstacles in their way. Their capacity to navigate obstructions begin to wane,...

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Winter is Coming…Heat it UP!

You know the risks of a construction job or any other job that requires being outdoors. As the weather turns colder in many environments, dangers surface. A safety shower and eyewash station, therefore, is imperative to ensure worker protection and ANSI Z358.1 2009...

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