Waterguard™ – What Does Silver Nitrate Filtrate and Not Filtrate?

  Waterguard is one of the best ways to keep safety shower fluid from being contaminated by harmful bacteria and protecting accident victims. The secret ingredient is active silver nitrate that’s specially designed to destroy bacteria, such as Legionella, E. coli, and...

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Wood Versus Steel: Differences between Safety Shower Construction

When seconds count, police are minutes away. When a chemical accident occurs, safety showers are seconds away; however, just how reliable are they? Wood or fiberglass constructed showers don’t last nearly as long as strong steel. Your workers deserve the best in...

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When Should I Commit to a Safety Shower Upgrade?

Ensuring your safety shower is not only up to ANSI standards or is OSHA-compliant - and in the best working condition possible - needs to be your first safety priority while on-site. It may have been working fine in the past but there are many...

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Why do I Need a Safety Shower Water Filter?

In a previous post, we explained why adding a safety shower water filter, such as our Waterguard™, reduces health risks. In this post, we explain why it also takes the monotonous work out of it, making maintaining the shower a breeze.  Discover the benefits of adding...

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What Safety Shower Accessories Do I Need?

Choosing the right safety shower is imperative to ensuring your workers are protected and have as much privacy as they need, should a chemical accident occur. When deciding which safety shower, you need, consider the types of safety shower accessories that would best...

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The Difference Between an Electric and Safety Shower Pneumatic Pump

  Accidents happen – and when they do, workers need to know treatment is readily available. ANSI-compliant safety shower/eyewash stations assure workers they’re safe and protected in the event of an emergency. Depending on what type of environment you work in, your...

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Waterguard™ – What is its Value for Safety Shower Tank Protection?

In recent years, there have been plenty of wide-spread health scares involving bacteria, such as E. coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, and Salmonella. These incredibly common diseases become dangerous, not just in your kitchen, but also in stagnant...

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How Do I Keep the Reservoir Fluid in My Safety Shower Heater from Freezing?

Nicole spilled some corrosive chemical on her arm and knows she has seconds to reach a safety shower. Her only concern is ensuring she can count on the safety shower to wash off as much chemical as possible. She hopes the temperature of the flushing fluid is tepid, so...

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Review Our Checklist and Learn the Importance of Safety Shower Maintenance

Accidents happen, as when working in any hazardous working conditions. Just one accident though results in a nightmare for your company, with corporate, state, and federal agencies breathing down your neck and scrutinizing all your records. Poorly kept records affect...

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The Dirty Little Secret about Safety Showers in the State of Washington

  Safety shower compliance means ensuring your workers have the best protection available. You may or may not be aware of all the OSHA safety shower requirements – and a particular one that is currently unique to the state of Washington. Read on then to learn about...

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