Multi-entry shower

Your employees keep your business running smoothly; protecting them is one of your top priorities. Having compliant, best-performing safety showers at your work sites will give your employees peace of mind, and allow them to focus on their work. ShieldSafe safety showers were developed by the most innovative, problem-solving team in the industry based on requests from ATS customers.


When a worker at a refinery in 2013 was accidentally sprayed with corrosive chemicals, first responders needed to be inside the shower cubicle to help, but they didn’t fit. After the accident, refinery leaders contacted ATS for a solution, and the ShieldSafe Fortress was born. It’s not your run-of-the-mill gravity-fed cubicle safety shower — it’s got room for multiple people, more than one entrance and can be configured to store other essential safety equipment, including a defibrillator and bandages. This shower gives your employees the ultimate protection.

• Extra large cubicle
• Six doors
• Access from three directions
• Room for more safety equipment: defibrillator, stretcher, eye and ear protection, bandages and more