Tank shower

Our customers count on ATS’s innovative team to solve their problems, and we’ve taken those solutions and incorporated them into our line of ShieldSafe safety showers. Our cutting-edge safety shower models meet all government safety standards and regulations and can be customized and upgraded when your needs or safety standards change. Being able to make changes without replacing expensive safety equipment will save you time and money.


OSHA doesn’t care if your work site has no potable water or low-flow water lines. You still are required to have safety showers. The ShieldSafe Tower is a gravity-fed cubicle safety shower/eyewash that’s perfect for situations with low-flow plumbing or no potable water. ATS engineers also have developed an above-ground, reinforced foundation for 4,000-pound tank-fed showers that meets seismic and wind-load requirements in 90 percent of sites worldwide.

• Gravity-fed
• Privacy
• Potable water/high-flow water lines not needed
• Protection from elements