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Winter is Coming…Heat it UP!

You know the risks of a construction job or any other job that requires being outdoors. As the weather turns colder in many environments, dangers surface. A safety shower and eyewash station, therefore, is imperative to ensure worker protection and ANSI Z358.1 2009...

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When Are Portable Safety Showers Useful?

Safety showers are integral to worker safety on the job – especially in locations where water is scarce and conditions are rough. Rugged, portable safety showers that are durable, better yet convenient, are the perfect solution. When you contact ATS...

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The Top 10 Safety Shower Non-Compliance Issues

When seconds count, you want your safety shower/eyewash unit to rise to the occasion in the event of an emergency. In a previous blog post, we discussed compliance with the latest ANSI Z358.1 standards. This time, we focus on the top safety shower non-compliance...

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