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You know the risks of a construction job or any other job that requires being outdoors. As the weather turns colder in many environments, dangers surface. A safety shower and eyewash station, therefore, is imperative to ensure worker protection and ANSI Z358.1 2009 compliance. Many showers are great for mild climates or even for hot climates, but do you have a cold climate safety shower or a way to heat your safety shower fluid for the coming winter? What about your existing safety shower? Is it older and out-of-date? If yes, then we can show you how to retrofit your safety shower for the cruel and cold weather conditions.

Safety Shower ANSI Z358.1 2009 Requirements

As of 2009, ANSI Z358.1 required tepid temperatures, which become critical in cold climates. The standard suggested that “Over 100° was proven to be harmful to the eyes and enhance chemical interaction with the skin and eye tissue. And that, “Warmer ambient temperatures might require a re-evaluation of the water temperature.” The language of 2014 went further, however, stating that “The water temperature for the flushing fluid in an eyewash station must be tepid, which is between 60° and 100° F or 16° and 38° C.” Tepid water helps encourage worker compliance to meet the full 20 minutes of flushing. (our standard at ATS ShieldSafe) This helps prevent further absorption of chemicals and injury to the eyes.

ATS safety showers that are ANSI Z358.1 2009 requirements

ATS ShieldSafe’s Safety Shower Tepid Water Retrofitting

At ATS ShieldSafe, our goal includes ensuring you’re compliant with all requirements. With changing OSHA regulations, it’s a challenge to stay up to standards. Our services include a safety shower Tepid Water Retrofit, which brings cold shower equipment up to standards without having to replace your safety shower. If you happen to be in the market for a new safety shower that meets all OSHA requirements and therefore built to last, ATS ShieldSafe’s showers can’t be beaten. All our showers leverage insulation, heaters, and/or chillers to maintain tepid water, allowing for a rate of 20 gallons/minute.

Our valves activate in one second or less. They stay open, without using your hands, until the user turns it off. Each safety shower also carries a 20-inch minimum diameter pattern spray.

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