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Cameron accidentally spills a corrosive chemical on his skin and has ten seconds to get the safety shower. He immerses himself in the safety shower for the minimum ANSI required fifteen minutes. Thankfully, the tepid safety shower water temperature allowed him to get the full flushing treatment, however, what if the shower wasn’t up to code? Learn the best way to test your showers/eyewash units so they meet the tepid standard.

Testing Safety Shower Water Temperature

ANSI Z358.1 (2014) requires that all safety shower and eyewash flushing fluid be between 60°F and 100°F. This allows an accident victim to stay under the shower and acquire the needed treatment for the optimal time and not risk hypothermia – especially when working in cold climates. Of course, water over 100°F can damage sensitive eye tissues and enhance the interaction of certain corrosive chemicals.

With that being said, do you know if your safety shower water temperature meets the requirement? Here’s the best and simplest way to test your flushing fluid and ensure your workers have the best protection, privacy, and safety should an accident occur.

First, you need an empty 5-gallon container or bucket, a shower tester shroud, and a good thermometer. (preferably an infrared device) Follow this procedure:


  1. Place the shower tester ring up against the shower hose.
  2. Place the weighted bottom of the shroud inside the empty 5-gallon.
  3. Start a timer.
  4. Turn the safety shower on and allow the water to fill about a quarter of the way into the container.
  5. Pull the container out of the water, but let the shower continue running.
  6. Take the temperature of the water and record it.
  7. Let the water run for another 6-8 minutes and repeat the above temperature test – leave the water running.
  8. When the timer shows that the water has run at least 14 total minutes, place the container back under the water and fill it to the top.
  9. Turn off the shower water and take one last temperature reading. If at any of the three temperature readings, the water is under 60°F or over 100°F, your safety shower fails compliance with ANSI Z358.1.

Contact ATS ShieldSafe™ For Help with Compliance

If you’re not sure you meet the ANSI standard for your safety shower water temperature, contact us at 800.747.9953. A safety expert can go over a checklist to ensure your workers get the best protection and privacy available. We can also discuss with you, your needs for safety showers/eyewash stations if needed with a FREE consultation. We look forward to being your safety connection.

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