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A safety shower enables accident victims to get needed treatment after chemical or other hazardous exposure. Different environments call for different showers. What works for one company may not work for another. A question often asked is “Do I need a gravity-fed emergency shower?” The answer is, it depends. See if your circumstances warrant looking into one in today’s post.

What is a Gravity-Fed Emergency Shower?

If your workers on-site don’t have access to a plumbed water supply or if that supply is low-flowing, meaning it doesn’t offer enough water, it may be worth checking out a gravity-fed shower. These types of showers incorporate water tanks, which provide adequate water amounts to complete the full 15 minute flushing treatment, per ANSI standards. For challenging environments, such as extreme cold conditions, such as with our Glacier Extreme™, these showers are ideal, since they don’t rely on plumbing pipes that can freeze or erode, resulting in damage.

A great feature of gravity-fed showers includes their versatility. Whether you’re looking for a stationary one that stands up to harsh weather conditions or work in an area without potable water, these showers fit the bill. If your workers travel from site-to-site, check out our mobile shower options, (without gravity-fed) or if you want the convenience of renting one and getting it immediately, there are several you can consider that aren’t gravity-fed.

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When do I Need a Gravity-Fed Shower?

The best time to get a gravity-fed emergency shower is BEFORE you need one! Assessing your work circumstances, special needs, climate, and more goes a long way to getting the right shower. Your workers deserve the best treatment and privacy should they ever become accident victims.

Now, you may ask if you purchase a gravity-fed cubicle safety shower, how will you make sure the water in the tank is maintained in the tepid range ANSI requires. Good question. The best method is using an electric immersion heater. If the location for your safety shower is located within a hazardous or classified area, you may opt for classified or C1D2 versions for sites to protect against explosions. An immersion heater features a heavy-duty head with wiring and thermostat controls; they sit on the outside of the water tank wall, allowing easy access for simple adjustments or repairs. They also come with an operating thermostat which allows the user to choose an operating set point.

If you’re in warmer climates and need to cool the water, consider a water chiller instead of, or in conjunction with, immersion heaters.

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