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Workers in the pharmaceutical industry face different challenges than those who work in construction or mining. For instance, they have an increased risk of a chemical accident and needing emergency treatment. However, they have limited space, as opposed to someone working outside with more space. In today’s blog, we discuss what challenges workers face in a smaller space and what types of pharmaceutical safety shower/eyewash stations work best.

Challenges Workers Face in the Pharmaceutical Industry

It’s true, any time a worker encounters a chemical, there’s always a chance of an accident occurring and them needing urgent treatment. Employees handle various chemicals through several equipment, machinery and processes using electricity and mechanical devices. They also deal with microorganisms in both the laboratory and in the production process, therefore exposure to possible hazards increases. Some of the challenges workers may deal with when in the pharmaceutical industry include:


  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Fire dangers
  • Risk of spills
  • Machine dangers
  • Respiratory effects
  • Restricted access
  • Waste disposal risks
  • Other health risks, such as cancer and heart disease
  • Occupational effect to hormones
  • Pregnancy and miscarriage dangers
  • Increased allergies


As you can see, there are a whole host of issues workers face when working in the pharmaceutical industry. You can take the best precautions, but accidents still happen. Ensuring workers have the right safety equipment is crucial to their protection and treatment. A safety shower that fits with outdoor locations will be different than one used indoors and in tighter spaces or outside by the dock. Using a narrower, gravity-fed and self-contained shower, however, may fit your area perfectly and can be connected to a potable water line for simple autofill.

Features to Consider for Pharmaceutical Safety Shower/Eyewash Stations

When it comes to picking the right pharmaceutical safety shower/eyewash station, it’s helpful to know what features to consider. Are you looking for an integrated drain system that allows for easy cleanup or a tank-fed eyewash with activation cover? For instance, ATS ShieldSafe® carries the perfect shower for tighter spaces that also features a 2-inch manual quick-drain tank valve. Depending on the location, the EcoDrench™ has these features and more including:


  • Insulated, galvanized steel cubicle
  • Reliable interior and exterior LED lights
  • Forklift slots and lifting lugs
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Front overlapping strip curtain for privacy
  • 1250-watt immersion heater
  • Gravity-fed, heated water
  • Remote signal capable


You can also choose options that fit with your needs, such as water temp alarm switch, low water level alarm switch, alarm horn and beacon with switches, a filtration water system, double spring-loaded doors with windows (non-insulated), and more.

Call ATS ShieldSafe for Pharmaceutical Safety Shower/Eyewash Stations

If you’re looking for the perfect safety shower combination for the pharmaceutical industry that also offers workers privacy and protection, please reach out. You can reach us at 800.747.9953. We will schedule you a free consultation with a safety expert who will assess your needs and steer you to the right shower/eyewash unit.

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