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Why Do I Still Need to Maintain a Safety Shower Recirculating System?

Emergencies happen, even if you take the best precautions. Facilities that work with caustic materials put workers at a greater risk of accidents than, say, an office building. Ensuring you have a reliable, industrial safety shower is imperative, and if...

When a One-Size-Fits-All Cubicle Emergency Shower Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

You’ve heard the saying, “One-size-fits-all,” in many different situations; however, what if it doesn’t work for your worker’s safety shower needs? Is there a safety shower that fits the bill for your unusual circumstances? YES! Discover what the ATS team did to help...

Waterguard™ – What Does Silver Nitrate Filtrate and Not Filtrate?

  Waterguard is one of the best ways to keep safety shower fluid from being contaminated by harmful bacteria and protecting accident victims. The secret ingredient is active silver nitrate that’s specially designed to destroy bacteria, such as Legionella, E....



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