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You’ve heard the saying, “One-size-fits-all,” in many different situations; however, what if it doesn’t work for your worker’s safety shower needs? Is there a safety shower that fits the bill for your unusual circumstances? YES! Discover what the ATS team did to help solve unique problems on-site with our modular ShieldSafe° emergency shower – FlexFit Cube™ adding a variety of application options not available in the past.

Types of Unique Challenges You May Face On-Site

Job sites sometimes have their own unique on-site challenges which may require certain types of emergency showers. For instance, if your location needs a self-contained system and you need a cubicle emergency shower but can’t fit the typical gravity-fed unit, a traditional shower won’t work. ANSI Z358.1 (2014) standards require a safety shower be placed on the same level as the workers, every 100 feet within a plant and accessible within ten seconds of an incident. Other challenges include:


  • No or low potable water source
  • Limited ceiling space
  • No waste containment
  • Being in an explosive environment
  • Limited floor space
  • No feeder tanks


One problem that arises is that standard cubicle safety showers on the market usually can’t fit through narrow doorways, in many elevators, or in labs or other facilities with eight-foot or under ceilings. In these special circumstances, it’s important to ensure workers have the necessary treatment available should a chemical accident occur. The problem-solving team at ATS ShieldSafe did what it does best – it innovated and came up with the perfect solution.

FlexFit Cube Emergency Shower Features

If you are dealing with any of the above challenges on-site, consider investing in the FlexFit Cube. The custom, flexible cubicle emergency shower systems and the shower/eyewash components allow it to fit into unusual spaces. Because of this, companies don’t have to sacrifice location, safety, or quality for safety showers.

FlexFit has several benefits for you to consider. They include:


  • Flexible installations
  • Self-contained system
  • ANSI tepid water
  • Useful in multiple environments
  • Low ceiling application (under 14’)
  • Small footprint
  • Infrastructure already in place


You can fit the FlexFit Cube on a roof, high on a pallet racking, or placed on the floor aside the safety shower with an electric pump for compliant flow. You can also place it in a different room, such as a warehouse, with the safety shower positioned on the other side of the wall near a process needing protection. Options available include a sun canopy, low water temp and level alarm switch. The combo unit also has the ability to be set up as gravity-fed or powered by an electric in-tank water pump.

Reach Out to ATS ShieldSafe to Learn More about FlexFit

Our safety experts know the importance of safety and compliance and are ready to assist you in your worker’s needs. Our complementary accessories, such as containment berms, Waterguard™, and SafetySac™ are great options to add on to the FlexFit cubicle emergency shower. Please get in touch with us at 800.747.9953. We can assess your situation and recommend safety showers and accessories that best fit your on-the-job safety challenges. Call us today!

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