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Accidents happen – and when they do, workers need to know treatment is readily available. ANSI-compliant safety shower/eyewash stations assure workers they’re safe and protected in the event of an emergency. Depending on what type of environment you work in, your needs may require a safety shower with a pneumatic pump or an electric pump; however, do you know the difference between the two?

Technology of Pneumatics

Pneumatics is a branch of technology that uses forced compressed gases to generate mechanical effects. A pneumatic pump moves fluids through a piping system, such as what is used with a plumbed safety shower. This pressure results in a surprisingly large volume of water.

Of course, with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages include:


  • Design simplicity
  • Low maintenance
  • High safety ratings
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Handles many different types of fluids
  • Ease of installation


Safety Shower pneumatic pumps also reduce energy consumption, increased program effectiveness, and reduce chemical waste.

The Technology of Electric Pumps

Just like safety shower pneumatic pumps, electric pumps have their place, depending on the type of emergency shower you have. An electric pump uses electricity as the main power source to drive the actuator motion. Plumbed from a local plant water supply and fed into a self-contained safety shower, an electric pump instantly provides tepid water for the minimum 15-minute flushing period.

Safety showers provide the first step of first aid after a chemical accident, and with an electrical pump, allows for both inside or outside applications. The advantages of electric pumps include:


  • Efficient
  • Even heating
  • Infrequent fluctuations in temperature
  • Quiet operation
  • Environmentally-friendly

ATS ShieldSafe Carries Both Electric and Pneumatic Pump Safety Showers

Whether you have site challenges that include low-flow piping or no potable water or have a mobile trailer, we have both electric and pneumatic pumped safety showers. For example, the MidRig™ provides either an electric or pneumatic pump. The EcoRig™ carries a pneumatic pump with an electric immersion heater. For more information or to talk to one of our safety experts, contact us at 800.747.9953.

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ATS ShieldSafe provides cutting-edge low maintenance safety showers that provide the best protection in the industry. Trailer and stationary showers provide you and your workers with the protection they deserve.

Discover what safety shower works best for you today.

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