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Choosing the right safety shower is imperative to ensuring your workers are protected and have as much privacy as they need, should a chemical accident occur. When deciding which safety shower, you need, consider the types of safety shower accessories that would best fit your situation. Read today’s blog and learn about the different accessories we offer at ATS ShieldSafe ™.


Protecting your workers post-incident is just as vital as during the incident. Every year, companies spend money on safety maintenance, equipment, testing, and safety drills – yet, they’re not ready for an accident victim’s needs following a safety shower treatment. The SafetySac changes that by providing privacy and protection and is the perfect addition to your safety shower accessories arsenal with a waterproof dry bag containing:


  • Microfiber towel
  • Two bottles of drinking water
  • Microporous coveralls with hood
  • Soft foam protective shoes


Once the supplies have been removed from the SafetySac, the empty bag serves as the victim’s container for their personal items. The SafetySac is an excellent accessory for worker care post-incident.


With its 330-gallon capacity (equivalent to six 55-gallon drums), the PermaTote is permanently stationary. The stackable configuration minimizes inventory storage to use less floor space and ensure an always-full tote.

The benefits of using a PermaTote on-site is that it improves your chemical experience by:


  • Reducing the risk of hazardous and costly chemical spills
  • Never unexpectantly running out of chemistry
  • Enabling stackable totes to use less space
  • Sturdy design construction for durability throughout the years
  • Offering an optional berm which protects from unforeseen spills
  • Optional cold-weather blankets to keep chemistry functional in frigid temperatures
  • Optional tilt option that provides complete upper tote drainage
  • Featuring a quick connect to allow for fast tote replacement


The easy-to-fill PermaTote creates the “chemical well” conduit for reliable chemistry dosing.



To ensure your water stays clean, Waterguard is the perfect safety shower accessory. Developed with active ceramic, the tube is specially designed to destroy even the deadliest bacteria, including Legionella, E. Coli, Staph, and Salmonella. It works by attracting the bacteria to its chemical activity and substrate of the active ceramics when they attach themselves to the surface. The products of the electrolytic process then destroy the DNA and/or membrane enveloping the cell, thus ending its ability to reproduce and thrive.

Waterguard has a two-year warranty and reduces maintenance time, eliminating the need to replace tank water continuously. It prevents harmful bacteria growth, saves money, and enables higher temperature water storage.

Containment Berm

Chemical spills are costly and dangerous. Using a containment berm allows for redundancy protection and safety and is a must for hazardous chemicals. Because it contains even the largest of spills, including a catastrophic tote failure, this environmentally-safe berm offers peace of mind. Best, it pays for itself with preventative action. Extremely durable in all weather conditions, the complete chemical system includes:


  • Stackable PermaTote frame with quick releases of connections and hoses
  • The tilt feature for total chemistry drainage
  • Fail-safe berm that protects the environment from unexpected chemical incidents


Rest assured, the containment berm will provide years of protection and makes a great addition to your safety shower accessory line.

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