As fresh oil flows, the fracking industry follows. Advancements in hydraulic fracturing technology create new jobs, which is great but also compromises worker safety – especially in cold climates. According to the Safety and Health Magazine, U.S. remains #1 among the world’s oil and gas producers. Learn about fracking safety on-site and why taking the wrong tool to the job could result in unforeseen consequences.

Why Most Safety Showers Aren’t Equipped to Handle Fracking Sites

Most mobile safety showers on fracking sites weren’t created with fracking safety in mind. When you combine a standard cargo trailer or general-use trailer with standard safety shower/eyewash components, it’s typically not up to the brutal task of providing reliable service in the harsh fracking environment. Safety showers become liabilities when they can’t handle the risk of explosions, are not built to withstand high winds, or in areas where weather conditions can turn on a dime. Hazards unique to the fracking industry include:


  • A flammable atmosphere
  • Increased chemical exposure
  • Confined spaces
  • Risks of the control system and equipment failure
  • Radiation exposure
  • Diesel exhaust
  • Working under a suspended load
  • The unplanned release of stored energy

ATS ShieldSafe™ Offers Possibly the Most Maintenance-Free Safety Showers Ever

When it comes to offering the best safety showers for fracking safety, you can count on ATS ShieldSafe. We carry three safety showers that exceed expectations and include possibly the most maintenance-free design on the market.

SafetyRigWe built our unique gravity-fed safety shower tough and durable with full compliance of ANSI standards. Because it’s portable, you enjoy site-to-site mobility and complete protection from the elements, as well as privacy. A great feature of the SafetyRig includes capturing used wastewater and meeting the tepid water standards for ANSI compliance. Also, because it’s built with military-grade construction, you know it will last through harsh conditions. You can outfit it for use in explosive environments, as well as harsh cold or hot climates. And the SafetyRig is a military spec beast—a vast improvement on the typical mobile safety shower.

EcoRigThe EcoRig, a convenient, budget-friendly option, gets the job done. The portable C1D2 rated safety shower and eyewash offer affordability in virtually any location. This smaller shower is fully ANSI compliant with a pneumatic pump, immersion heater, and a large capacity tank that allows over 15 minutes of continuous tepid water flow for accident victims. We built the Class 1 Division shower with sturdy materials that promises years of use in mobile applications when there’s no potable water source. Best, it takes fracking safety in mind for use on oil refineries.

MidRigFinally, the MidRig, a self-contained mobile safety shower, is a beast of a shower/eyewash unit that doubles as a safety trailer if desired. With the option of a heating/cooling station, along with an ANSI first aid station, it provides much-needed protection and privacy for accident victims. The MidRig leaves a small footprint on the environment, therefore making it a perfect rentable choice. It offers many options including a containment/capture water tank, non-hazardous area alarm and strobe, and the SafetySac™ after-incident system and Waterguard™ (2-year water treatment).

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At ATS ShieldSafe, we know the importance of worker safety and that’s why we carry safety showers for every work environment. Each emergency safety shower offers many benefits with different features and options for your needs and for ANSI Z358.1 (2014) compliance. Contact our safety shower experts to learn more about compliance, protection, and innovation as we improve life, one drop at a time. Please call 800.747.9953 today.

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