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In recent years, there have been plenty of wide-spread health scares involving bacteria, such as E. coli, Enterobacter aerogenes, and Salmonella. These incredibly common diseases become dangerous, not just in your kitchen, but also in stagnant water found in safety shower tanks. The warm, still water allows for bacteria to grow, thus, introducing disease-carrying microorganisms. Ensuring your workers have the optimal protection while on the job is crucial and if you have a safety shower, you’re doing it right.

Adding safety shower tank protection reduces this risk greatly, assuring your workers are guarded against harmful bacteria. Read about Waterguard™, our specially-developed product consisting of active ceramics, which helps destroy these deadly bacteria.

Common Diseases as the Result of Accumulated Bacteria in Stagnant Water

Any time there’s stagnant water, it allows for bacteria growth, which then increases the risk of developing certain diseases, including:


  • Enterobacter Aerogenes (causes bacteremia, lower respiratory tract infections, skin and soft-tissue infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), endocarditis, intra-abdominal infections, septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, CNS infections, and ophthalmic infections)
  • E-Coli (causes intestinal issues)
  • Pseudomonas (causes infection)
  • Staph Aureus (causes pneumonia, heart valve infections, and bone infections)
  • Salmonella Tyhpi (causes intestinal upset)
  • Legionella (Legionnaire’s Disease) – Cough, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle pains, and headaches. You can also develop nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.


As stated above, having safety shower tank protection guards anyone who may come in contact with the water.

Waterguard for Safety Shower Tank Protection

Waterguard is a tube filled with a combination of active ceramic and noble metal matrix that causes oxidation of the water and ionization, a powerful disinfectant process that disrupts the replication of waterborne pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, using Waterguard removes the risk of developing these debilitating diseases by ensuring safety shower tank protection. It also allows risk-free water storage at high temperatures, so the water in your shower provides the same safety level as the shower itself.

Some of the benefits of Waterguard include:


  • Easy installation
  • Long-term replacement
  • Saves on maintenance
  • Reduced risk of infection

Contact ATS ShieldSafe for Waterguard

Get a Waterguard for your safety shower tank to increase safety and decrease time spent on maintenance. Contact our safety expert team to learn more about this safety shower tank protection at 800.747.9953. Our goal is to ensure you stay in compliance with regulations and offer the best protection on-site.

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