Ensuring your safety shower is not only up to ANSI standards or is OSHA-compliant – and in the best working condition possible – needs to be your first safety priority while on-site. It may have been working fine in the past but there are many circumstances that change, as well as standards that could affect the condition. Learn about the right time to consider a safety shower upgrade.

Circumstances that Warrant a Safety Shower Upgrade

There are many circumstances that would influence your decision to upgrade your safety shower. Depending on what type of safety shower you currently have and if it meets the ANSI Z358.1 requirement, it may be time for a safety shower upgrade.  For example, if you house your safety shower in extreme weather conditions and it’s not made from strong steel, it may rust or damage can occur, due to extreme temperatures. You may have never had to use it and so haven’t worried much about it; however, would you want to take that gamble that everything is fine when you do need it?  Of course not. Other circumstances include:

  • Change in location – if you’ve had a plumbed safety shower but now need a portable one.
  • Equipment rusting or damaged
  • Doesn’t meet most recent regulations
  • Broken or missing parts
  • Outdated equipment that puts workers at risk
  • Want to retrofit your shower for a different environment

We hear you and want to help you with the challenges you face or if you need to comply with government standards.

What Types of Options do You Have for Upgrading My Safety Shower?

For plumbed or portable safety showers, we offer many upgrades to consider. If you already own a ShieldSafe™ safety shower, you have several options with which to choose. For example, our gravity-fed cubical safety shower, EcoDrench™, can be configured as a C1D2 unit. Other options include a water temp alarm switch, a low water level alarm switch or an alarm horn and beacon with switches, our SafetySac™ after-incident system, and more.

If you’re in the business of buying a new safety shower, The MidRig™, our enclosed mobile safety shower, is built tough-to-last, with many features. It has the option to double as a safety trailer with an optional heating/cooling station, as well as an ANSI first aid station – a perfect option for extreme weather environments. Some options to consider include an automated external defibrillator, (AED) containment/capture water tank, non-hazardous area alarm and strobe, or you can add Waterguard™, a two-year water treatment, thus helping to further protect your workers.

If you’re looking to leave a small footprint, our small but strong safety shower, the EcoRig™, offers a number of options, such as filtration system, insulated blanket for low temps, stainless steel temperature gauge, and a non-hazardous electric water pump.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you decide the best safety showers for your needs.

Learn More About a Safety Shower Upgrade

To inquire about ATS ShieldSafe and our durable, steel-constructed safety showers, we welcome your call to 800.747.9953. Our safety shower specialists have all the knowledge you need and can address your concerns, as well as on-the-job challenges. Contact us for more information on upgrading your safety shower with possibly the most maintenance-FREE showers available!

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