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In a previous post, we explained why adding a safety shower water filter, such as our Waterguard™, reduces health risks. In this post, we explain why it also takes the monotonous work out of it, making maintaining the shower a breeze.  Discover the benefits of adding a filter and why choosing the right safety shower offers a virtually maintenance-free experience.

What Lurks in Safety Shower Water?

Before we delve into the benefits of including a safety shower water filter, let’s talk about the nasty bacteria that accumulates in shower water. You may not be aware or even care if you’re an accident victim and need to get to a safety shower quickly, but it’s a good idea to know just what types of bacteria could be filtered out using a water filter. There are millions of microorganisms and bacteria piled up in your showerhead, ready to wreak havoc on an already chemically-exposed victim. Using a high-quality filter can take the worry out of treatment, so you can focus on flushing the chemical off your skin or out of your eyes. It also helps protect the safety/eyewash unit from corrosion.

According to retired Biology Professor Norman Pace of the University of Colorado, a startling 30% of 50 tested showerheads contained bacteria and microorganisms – the most prevalent being Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen that can lead to pulmonary disease. Carcinogenic bacteria were also found.

Meeting ANSI Z358 1-2014 compliance regulations, which involves regular water change-outs, can be a challenge unless you have durational treatment occurring to limit bacterial growth. Also, with the unit exposed to the elements, there’s a concern that it may not withstand the corrosion of equipment or the unit itself, particularly if there’s no shelter surrounding the shower.

Benefits of a Safety Shower Water Filter

If you’ve been tasked with maintaining the safety shower, you know the time that goes into it to ensure it’s in the best condition for accident victims. Maintenance can be a long process, ensuring you’re in full compliance constantly. However, adding a water filter can cut your time in half, so you can focus on the task at hand. Other benefits of including a safety shower water filter are:


  • Reduced maintenance if you have a self-contained safety shower
  • Less irritated skin – especially after being exposed to chemicals
  • Less corrosive chemicals, such as trihalomethanes that can cause damage to the shower and affect the equipment
  • Ease of installation
  • Lowered infection risk
  • Replacement every two years if using Waterguard


The safety shower construction is just as important regarding shower maintenance. A safety shower built with heavy-duty steel construction, such as with all our ATS ShieldSafe emergency showers, is less susceptible to damage,  You can’t say the same with a fiberglass or wood frame. Also, with a self-contained safety shower, ANSI allows you to bypass the weekly flushing with only a visual inspection every six months, which is a huge maintenance reducer. Couple that with Waterguard and you can largely say goodbye to pesky maintenance checks.

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