On-site workers face different risks than indoor workers. For example, a job might take upwards of a year or longer with construction workers. This means exposure to cold and snowy conditions, as well as hot temperatures and rain.  If an accident occurs, victims should immediately get to a safety shower; however, what if that safety shower/eyewash station isn’t protected from the weather and you or your workers end up exposed to the elements? These two questions need asking and are ones we answer with an enclosed safety shower.

Risks of Working in Cold Climates

You know that working outdoors has its risks, but oil refineries and industrial and construction sites have added issues. Not only do workers have to be cautious of temperature fluctuations and environmental concerns, but careful with corrosive chemicals, explosions, and falling debris. (Due to natural weather events) Safety becomes the #1 priority, and most companies understand that and take care of their workers; however, your safety shower/eyewash station may not be up to the task or up to required ANSI standards. Another thing to consider includes whether your safety shower fits cold climates, such as:

  1. Being insulated with heavy-duty curtains for privacy
  2. Ability to withstand hurricane force winds, upwards of 165 mph
  3. Required tepid (60? – 100?) flushing fluid for both safety shower and eyewash unit
  4. The material it’s made from (wood, aluminum or steel)
  5. Gravity-fed

According to the National Weather Service, exposure to very cold temperatures for too long can result in hypothermia. In very cold environments, frostbite happens within minutes.

SafetyRig for enclosed safety shower blog post

SafetyRig™ is Up to the Task as a Cold Climate Enclosed Safety Shower

To ensure maximum protection and privacy, you can’t beat the SafetyRig. Not only is this a robust cold climate safety shower, but it’s a mobile one as well. With impressive features, such as site-to-site mobility, uniquely gravity-fed design, ANSI Z358.1 compliant, and a fully enclosed, heated mobile shelter, you can’t go wrong. The SafetyRig’s reputation stands for itself as being a top-quality emergency enclosed safety shower that engineers designed from the ground up. Other outstanding features include:

  • The ability for continuous operation without power or pneumatic backup
  • Wastewater containment within the frame of the trailer (below the shower)
  • Option to outfit for use in explosive environments
  • Complete privacy with saloon-type doors and double, foldable safety handrails
  • The built-in capability of containing shower and eyewash wastewater
  • Weekly visual verification of water level instead of activation tests
  • Interior lighting
  • Cubicle heater
  • Military-grade construction
  • Spare wheel and tire

With all the above and more, along with a variety of options to fit your particular needs, count on the SafetyRig for a cold climate enclosed safety shower.

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